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All the things you'll need to know to visit, to shop, to live in Taxco, Mexico! This is the place to find what you're looking for if it has anything to do with Taxco

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OR just type your search in box below! web site is for sale: and our other today websites, Oaxaca-Today and Montserrat-Today all have a shared goal -- to create websites totally devoted to and including all the information we could find on one particular place. We began with our home town, the place where we lived and did business for many years -- Taxco. Our site is commercial. It has paid advertising and it has proven extremely popular with the town's residents and with visitors from around the world. It gets more than 2,500,000 hits annually and more than 350,000 visits. We believe that will be equally popular and useful to the island's visitors. In 2011, we decided to sell our home on the island and we hope to pass the torch to one of the islands residents. It would be a shame to have the "best site on Montserrat" go off the web. Our website was born of a genuine fondness for the city, its crafts and its culture. It deservedly has received the prestigious UNESCO designation as a World Heritage Site. That website as well is for sale. The Today sites can be purchased separately or as a package, to be expanded with other Today's in the future. began over 10 years ago. We included information and photographs gathered while residing in the town and everything and everyone on the site is someone or something we crossed paths with in our years there. Any omissions were not intentional nor were any inaccuracies.

The personal qualities you will need to have or develop are an enthusiasm for Taxco, an openness to ideas and customs not familiar to you, comfort with the English language, a basic interest in photography and curiosity about the world around you. The skills you or your assistant will need are salesmanship, a knowledge of or a willingness to learn the basics of a web design program like -- Macromedia and some photo adjusting program like Photoshop -- as well as the ability to interface with Twitter, Facebook and other social networks on behalf of

Running a web business does not require an office as you can comfortably manage it from your home. We manage our websites while on the road -- from a hotel room in Venice, to an apartment in Buenos Aires, to a home on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

Please contact us at [email protected] for information on the price of this site and for any other questions you may have.

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